Tuesday, September 21, 2010

First Bath

Bea LOVES the bath. And who wouldn't if mommy and daddy make a room a steamy 80-some-odd degrees? But it's worth it for us to hear the coos and see the grins of our baby. And don't worry, we didn't wait 5 weeks to bathe sweet Bea, I'm just behind in my blog posts!


Blessed said...

She is just. so. beautiful. Reading your posts here and looking at the pics made me start to cry.

Not that that's very hard to do, but STILL.

I think I need to come by and pick up my dishes so I can see more baby Bea!

The Yorks said...

Yes! That would be wonderful! I have so much to fill you in on Lisa. And, *blush*, I still have your dishes! Sadly, I think it may still be awhile before we make it to church gatherings. :(