Saturday, November 21, 2009

Our 8th Anniversary

Nathan and I were married 8 years ago on November 3rd. Time has f-l-o-w-n! I can't believe it. I still love him so much. More in fact. That's a good thing. Marriage rocks.

We spent some time in San Francisco, we first went to see the musical Wicked and then had dinner at a nice restaurant. Our hotel was awfully kind, I'm not sure if we paid for as big of a room as we had, but it was great. They even sent up a bottle of champagne! Always let them know what the occasion is, it's worth it! The next day we then walked around, shopped and relaxed. It was a great, if not brief, little vacation.

Our room at Hotel Monaco (I'd recommend it)

Coffee at Philz

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ali and Paul's Wedding

On Saturday, October 24th, one of my best girlfriends got married. Ali and I have been friends since 4th grade and this was SO much fun. I love her. I love Paul. I love all our wonderful friends and the amazing memories we have together.

I've come to realize in recent months that I had a relatively unique high school experience. Many of my high school friends are still my friends and we are still in rather close contact. EVERYONE in Santa Cruz High's class of '97, was nice to each other. Ok, ok with a few exceptions. But those people don't count, they were actually the minority rather than the majority. The jocks got along with the thespians and the intellectuals got along with the druggies. In fact, often those lines were blurred, the jocks WERE the thespians and the intellectuals WERE the druggies. And vice versa. Anyways, our rather large group of girlfriends (and some guys too) still love and support one another through moves and weddings and kids. I am so thankful for wonderful friends.

Nikki and Anthony

Corey and Adam

Chloe and Steve

Me and Sean (what? Nate was taking the pictures, so of course there' more of his wife! Plus, doesn't my eye makeup look awesome?!?!)