Monday, January 11, 2010

A New Year. A New Life.

It's been awhile since I last posted. Granted, I'm doing more in day to day life here than in Munich, but overall, life is more....boring?

At least for the reader, we are no longer visiting and taking photographs of European places, food and experiences. Our life has gone back to "normal", if you could call it that. Don't get me wrong, we love our life here: our family, our house, our church community, we are truly blessed. Things are just different. We are different. It feels like Nathan and I were snatched out of time and space for a bit, and then plopped back down into a place where not much has changed and no one has any idea what we experienced. I'm sure this is absolutely normal for those who travel. It's just odd and sometimes we feel a bit disillusioned.

But in the Grand Scheme, it does not matter. It will be fine. We will be just fine.

I suppose this may be a strange (or perhaps perfect?) lead in to what is new and good this coming year. I am pregnant. We are going to have a baby. There. I said it. Or, typed it anyway. The baby is due August 1, 2010.

If we think we're disillusioned now.....just wait for those posts! We are truly excited. Elated. Scared sh**less. We're going to be parents. All normal feelings, I presume.

I personally have wanted this for so long, that now that it's really happening, it feels like I am in a constant dream-like state. That, and I'm overrun with hormones. I feel blue for no apparent reason. I've been nauseous and uncomfortable for the past few weeks. I know this is NOTHING compared to some women's experiences, but for me, this is all so new. I'm trying to enjoy every minute, but my impatient, selfish self wants things to go faster. Or slower. Or "Stop! Wait! I can't do this!" When I just want one hour back to be myself again. Just me. No other being sharing what is mine.

But then I realize that I had my time. I enjoyed it and made the choices I made. I had my "normal" moments. Normal will never be the same again. I am as ready as I'll ever be. Let the adventure begin. Bring it, Baby. We are ready for you. And we love you.